Which Civil Engineering Specialization Fits You The Best?




Thinking about a career in civil engineering? Did you know that there are 5 different areas of specialization within the field? Have you ever thought about which focus area fits best with your personality or skill set?

For instance, are you into playing in the dirt? (Seriously!) Then, a geotechnical specialization might be the best fit for you. Or do you sit around daydreaming about how the skyscraper you build is going to better than the one they just built across town? It's pretty safe to say you should focus on structural engineering.

But, even if those options aren't appealing, it’s okay–there are still other avenues for you to explore. In order to help you understand the different specializations, I made the video below to introduce you to:

  • The 5 different focus areas in civil engineering
  • The descriptions of each area of specialization
  • Which civil engineering specialization might be the best fit for you


So, let's get started sorting out the details…


What did you think of this Civil Engineering Academy video short? Leave a comment below and let me know which area of specialization resonates with you the most.

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