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Howdy! I’m so glad you found us!

At Civil Engineering Academy it is our mission to help aspiring Civil Engineers pass their exams and develop the skills to be successful in their careers and in life.

If you’ve found us today, chances are you:

  • Are starting to study for the FE or PE exam and feeling overwhelmed
  • Have tried taking the test only to find out that you didn’t pass because you weren’t prepared
  • Have looked into the cost of study prep materials and been blown away by what it takes to get what you need to study effectively
  • Are still looking for a great way to find PDH’s online
  • Are looking to grow in civil leadership, management, and entrepreneurship skills

We’re here to cut through the noise online and provide straight-forward resources to help you pass the FE and PE exams.

This site will benefit you by providing you with practical practice exams that are modeled and ranked in difficulty close to the actual exam (FE or PE). It will also provide you with tons of free videos that cut through dense theory, and provide you with step-by-step practice problems, which is what you should be doing to prepare for the exams.

We offer practical advice and content related to anything to do with civil engineering, the FE, or the PE exam.  Our blog can be a killer resource for tips in those areas. I promise you will become a better prepared by simply hanging out on this site.  Our goal is to help you on your journey to becoming a professional engineer.

We’ve expanded to help those taking the FE exam as well.

We know that the FE is the first step to becoming a professional engineer so providing this step was only logical. Currently, you can find our FE practice exam that will help you prepare. We’ve also started a course that you can check out right here.

You can also earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) with our easy-to-use online training program.

In addition to helping people through the FE and PE, we now offer online PDHs that you can earn right from your computer. Even if you have your PE license, you have to earn enough continued education credits to keep your license up, and now we can help you with that. Check out the storefront HERE to learn about safety, environmental, engineering, and many more subjects!

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