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    Your first step in becoming a professional engineer, and frankly for most of you, to graduate from college, is to take and pass the FE exam.

    The FE is fundamental in testing your knowledge of a wide range of engineering concepts. I know that when you are in the middle of college you might not have all the time in the world to work on FE problems, but this is the KEY to passing the exam.

    Civil Engineering Academy has built a full blown 110-question practice exam that is built off the exact specifications from the NCEES organization. Check it out below and get started now with this instantly downloadable eBOOK!

The Ultimate Civil FE Practice Exam

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The Ultimate Civil FE Practice Exam

The Ultimate Civil FE Practice Exam is your key to preparing for the FE exam. This practice exam provides you with 110 questions and detailed solutions that mimic the exam same look and feel of the real, computer-based FE exam. This is an instant download. No more waiting for a book to come in the mail.

With the exam following the exact specifications of the FE, this exam was built to challenge you – helping you to identify your greatest strengths and biggest weakness.

Every engineer knows that the key to passing exams is to practice problems. Why guess what’s going to be on the exam? Get this resource and get focused on realistic problems BEFORE you take the real deal.

Click below to get your instant download of the FE practice exam!

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What People Are Saying

  • This book was very useful in preparation for the FE....Overall, I recommend this book!


  • I took this exam a week before my NCEES exam and found it useful. I passed the exam and the level of difficulty is pretty close to actual test.

    Ayan Hein

  • This reference has good ideas which helped me to pass the exam!

    Ayela Mayem

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The Ultimate Civil FE Review Course  is Live! Come check it out!