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Here’s what you’ll get when you Sign Up

Below is everything you get as part of this starter toolkit.  All of these items are instantly accessible to you upon registering.  Once you sign up you'll learn everything you need to appropriately ace this exam and feel confident you've been armed with all the tips, tool, and resources to pass.

Two Complete Practice Exams

You'll get immediate access to two digital 110-question FE practice exams that you can take as you start your studies and when you get closer to ending.  Setting up a life-like testing environment is key to really testing yourself.

30 Video Practice Problems

Practicing problems is where your head should be.  We created 30 video practice problems that you can follow from each of the major categories on the NCEES specification.  We also use the FE Handbook so you can follow along!

3 Bonus Video Lessons

As part of the kit we give you three bonus video lessons. 

Lesson 1: A Detailed Review of Specifications and Pass Rates

Lesson 2: The Ultimate Guide to the FE Handbook

Lesson 3: The Best Paid and Free FE Resources

Access to our FB Membership & Support

As part of the toolkit we share access to our Facebook community built around other like-minded individuals taking their exams.  Support during an exam is a must and this gives you it.   You'll have a team to support you via email, community or chat!  This is invaluable!

What other say about the toolkit

Perfect Starter Kit

This kit really helped me know what resources were out there and set me up for success.  I loved it!

Jason Chao

Professional Civil Engineer

Everything You Need to Start

I passed!!!

K. Brown

Professional Civil Engineer

Nothing Like It Out There

There really nothing like this out there.  Thank you for putting it together!  The information in invaluable and helped to to feel confident starting the right way!

Britney Ward

Professional Civil Engineer

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What’s in The FE Starter Toolkit

Here's further breakdown of the individual lessons you'll be getting by joining.  In addition to this you get The Ultimate Civil FE Practice Exams Volume 1 and 2!  These are digital downloads available as soon as you register!  You'll also receive 30 step by step video practice problems from the most common topics asked on the FE exam.


Bonus Lesson 1: A Detailed Review of Specifications and Pass Rates

In this lesson we dive into the latest specifications and show you what you need to focus on and what you might not.  We also jump into pass rates and what you need to do to prepare to pass this exam the first time.


Bonus Lesson 2: The Ultimate Guide to the FE Handbook

In this lesson we will review the FE Handbook.  It went thru a change in July of 2020 and we discuss the changes and topics that are found here.  We also give tips on how to make the most on using this tool.  This is the ONLY resources you can have on the FE exam so learn all you can about it.


Bonus Lesson 3: The Best Paid and Free FE Resources

In this lesson we break down the best places to go to get both free and paid resources for the FE exam.  We'll discuss courses, additional problems, and the highest rated material to help you ace this exam.


Bonus Lesson 4: A Surprise Offer

This lesson is a complete surprise for you and one we can't wait to share.  After you grab your toolkit you can see what it's all about!

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Hi, I'm Isaac Oakeson and I've helped thousands pass their FE and PE exams.

After graduating in civil engineering in 2008 I've made it my mission to help others on their journey to pass their exams.  I've been in the trenches and know the ins and outs of preparing for an exam of this magnitude.  I founded Civil Engineering Academy - all built to help the next generation of engineers to become professional ones and beyond - and now I want to help you!




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I understand how much you can spend on gathering resources for the FE exam.  I've made this guarantee to prove that it's up to me to pass the test of your satisfaction.  If you are not happy with the toolkit then shoot me an email, [email protected] and I'll refund your money.  I'll fall off my chair in surprise, but I'll get it done!