Proven Tips and Resources to Get Started on Preparing for the Civil PE Exam the Right Way

what's inside

The Exam’s Prerequisites

This guide dives into the professional requirements you need to meet and steps you need to take with your state’s licensing authority before you can even register to sit for the exam.

Must-Have Prep Materials

A list of 10+ proven resources for preparing for the Civil PE Exam that can really make all the difference in your exam results. And that’s all the way from theory to practice materials.

Approved Calculators

You can only use NCEES-approved calculators on your PE exam. The guide lists what these approved calculators are and why your calculator is crucial during your exam prep.

Best PE Exam Groups

A selection of some of the best PE exam forums, groups, and communities out there to find other test-takers and help each other out on this journey.

Exam Prep Secrets

Golden tips on how to hit the books for months even with everything you already have going on in your life and get the most out of your study efforts.

Exam Day Tips & Reminders

What you need to double check and remember both before, during, and after the exam on the big day for you.

Here’s What People are Saying About Our Materials

Hannah Copeman

Project Engineer

Today I found out that I passed the PE!! I want to sincerely thank both of you for all of your help and encouragement. Isaac - thank you for putting together an excellent course with great resources / sense of community.

Matt Fanghella

Coastal Engineer

I received the good news this morning that I passed the PE Exam this morning! First and foremost, thank you. Your material was fantastic and essential to my success.

Britney Ward

Transportation Engineer

Your material is by far the best out there. Thanks for putting this together!

About Me

Hi! I’m Isaac Oakeson. Just like you, I know that in order to advance in this industry you need to study, take, and PASS the civil engineering PE exam. But with life’s busy schedule, and time seemingly disappearing every day, this is no small feat!

When I took and passed the civil engineering PE exam in 2012 as a repeat taker, I knew that I wanted to make the process easier for others. I know how hard it is to come back to studying after being away from college for 3 or 4 years. I know how difficult it is to find time to study for it. And I know how difficult it can seem to repeat takers as I was one myself.

So I set the goal of helping others just like you on their journey to becoming a PE. And this free startup guide is one of them. I'm sure it'll help you jumpstart your PE Exam prep and increase your chances of getting this thing done.

Get The Ultimate Civil PE Exam Startup Guide and Crush the Exam!

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