Top 5 Things to Do After Taking the Civil PE Exam

There you are - you've just taken, quite possibly, the hardest exam in your life.  You've sweated it out, studied for months, sacrificed time, family, and all kinds of fun stuff you wanted to do.  All to take an exam.  You never want to see the word PE and Exam again in the same sentence.  

After 8 hours of grueling test taking and number crunching you're ready for a break.  What do you do?  What's the first thing civil engineers do after wrapping up this massive milestone in their life?  You might be surprised and you might not.  Either way, today we are going to break down the top 5 things civil engineers do after just finishing the civil PE exam.  Let's check it out.


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This one has to be obvious, right?  You are brain dead and you deserve to decompress and relax.  Because this is a given we won't dwell on it.  You know what to do.  In fact, I'm sure all of these have to do with relaxing in your own way.  Let's move on.

Netflix Binge

You've put off your favorite shows for weeks, maybe even months.  It's time to catch up!  Take your brain off of exam mode and binge your favorite shows.  Does anyone like Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events?  It's good - check it out.

Family Time

Your family has been neglected for months.  Yes, you've been around, but it's been a shadow of yourself and now it's time to up your game and get back to spending time with the wife and kids.  If you don't have those then I'm sure you have other family that would like to see your face.  In fact, many of them have sacrificed so you can have your time to study.  Think of some fun ways to pay them back and spend some time together.


Look, we didn't want to say it but we will.  You've been sitting on your butt for months.  When this exam is over its time to get the body moving.  If running isn't your thing then go take a 30 minute walk every day.  It keeps your mind in a good spot.  Go hit the gym and start getting those endorphins flowing.  Exercising isn't just good physically but it's good for your mind and your soul.  Get out there and move. 


There's nothing that says 'relaxing' quite like a nice vacation.  Putting off that trip to Bora Bora?  Or maybe it is just a place close to home?  Either way, you deserve a nice vacation.  I promise you're family will love it and you'll love it too.

To Be Continued?

Wait a minute.  What if I fail the exam!  What if I have to take it again?!  Well, that's a possibility, but you've already put in a TON of time into studying and taking the exam.  Let yourself have a break.  The results won't come in the mail for about 8 weeks.  If you have to take it again you'll end up doing the same things after the exam anyway.  So get out there and give yourself a break after the civil PE exam.  You deserve it.

What do you think?  What did you do after the PE exam?  Let us know on twitter or shoot us an email at!

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