Why Taking A Course From PPI Makes Sense For You

It’s no secret that Professional Publications, Inc. (PPI) has its nose in civil engineering books - and by that I mean they know how to help you pass the FE, PE, and SE exams (and more!). They’re kind of like the smart friend you had in your study group in college that you couldn’t quite measure up to - only this friend is here to help hold your hand all the way through the study process so you can ace your exams!

Each of these exams takes time to study and can be a bit soul crushing if you have to repeat them. I myself was a repeat taker of both the FE and the PE exams. While I did study on my own and I eventually passed the FE, the secret sauce in helping me ace the PE exam was by taking a review course.

Let’s dive into the details and find out how PPI’s review courses are a good fit for you.


As an affiliate with PPI I have teamed up to share some of this information about PPI’s courses with you.  In full disclosure, some of the links listed are affiliate links with PPI, and at no charge to you, I make a small commission for referring you to their material.  If it makes sense for you and it’s a good match, then great! If not, then no hurt feelings!

Why Take A Course

Let me ask you a few questions - this might sound like an infomercial but bare with me.

Do you struggle to get motivated to learn all the ins and outs of the NCEES specification and how that applies to the test with what to study?

Are you a self-motivator or do you need a little encouragement and accountability?

Worried about trying to find problems all over the internet and to organize it all?

Are you getting exposure to the right problems that follow the look and feel of the real exam?

Do you have someone to lean on when you have questions or run into a question you can’t seem to solve?

If these are questions that you ask yourself I can tell you first hand that a course is going to help you.  When I was trying to find my way through the PE exam I took PPI’s course to help navigate the way and boy was it worth it.  For me it gave me structure and the road map I needed to keep in line, keep me accountable, and keep me moving forward in my studies knowing I was studying material that had a pretty good chance of being on the exam.


But still - this begs the question below.

Are Review Courses Worth It?

PPI has a variety of courses to choose from depending on what you need to take.  They include everything from the FE and PE to the SE and the Seismic and Survey specific exams needed in California (lucky you!).  Each has its own price tag and comes with a variety of extra goodies to help you ace your exams.  Today though we are going to dive into two courses that will help civil engineers. 

Let’s look at the FE and the PE.

The FE review course by PPI offers these benefits right when you sign up:

  1. -A beginning diagnostic to see what areas you are lacking

  2. -A review of core concepts with 40 hours of video lectures

  3. -Live instruction with an expert that will work through problems

  4. -Live office hours to ask questions and get answers

  5. -Follow a homework syllabus that you can easily follow

  6. -Two exam like simulations with unique sets of problems

  7. -Draw from over 1000 problems tailored to your skill level

  8. -Accessible from anywhere you have the internet

  9. -Pass your exam or repeat the course for free!

That’s a long list of benefits.  If that’s not enough then let’s look behind the curtain to see what the course looks like on the inside:

If a personal student review speaks to you then check out this video review:

The PE review course offering is a little different but geared to help you ace the civil PE exam.  Here are some of the benefits of joining up with that review course:

  1. -Over 60+ hours of video lectures and problem solving

  2. -Attend live classes and office hours

  3. -Watch recordings of live classes

  4. -Ask questions to the instructor in a variety of formats

  5. -Structured homework assignments

  6. -Learn test taking strategies

  7. -Pass your exam, or repeat for free!  

That’s a pile of things that you get with a review course, but they are all needed and valued.  If you haven’t been in touch with all the engineering topics out there I can guarantee that by taking a course you’ll be back in the saddle in no time.  

You'll also be able to buy the books that PPI publishes which are really the industry standard for reference material - in fact, use the discount code we have of CEA15 and you can receive 15% off any book at checkout (doesn't apply to courses).

If you are curious what it’s like to join the course and hear from the instructor then look below at a live demo:

So are they worth it?  I think they are. Is passing worth it?  Is saving time by knowing what’s on the exam worth it?  Yes it is.

Final Thoughts and Why This is Special

If you need the extra help that a course provides PPI has a great one for both the FE and PE exams.  I’ve personally taken the PE course and it does help you get on a path of accountability so you can ace the PE.  Their staff is friendly and ready to answer questions.

I highly recommend taking a review course, especially if you’ve either been out of school for a long time, or you just like the value that an instructor and structure brings to the table.  You can’t go wrong with one. Getting the FE is a must to graduate. Getting the PE is a must for your career and a great review course can help you achieve both.

So check it out.  If you think a course is right for you then check them out below - and right now you can save $550 on courses up through June 7th, 2018!  That sounds like a win-win.

What do you think?  Do you have experience with PPI’s review courses or material?  Let us know your thoughts by emailing me directly or hitting me up on Twitter @CivilEngAcad.  Also, check out our Facebook group here!  We'd love your participation to help other engineers pass the FE, PE, or any other exam out there.